Plexos Project; Lean Project Management

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Create a complete production plan for your project


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Plexos Project; Lean Project Management is a comprehensive program for Windows that lets you organize and unify all the resources involved in the construction of any building.

We're not talking about a simple user-friendly program here, so it's a must to look over the manual before you try to start your first project with Plexos Project; Lean Project Management. Once you learn the basics, you can begin to get the most out of this powerful tool. For example, one of the key features is that it lets you program in 4D and 5D with BIM and IFC files.

Thanks to the many tools the program offers, you can create a collaborative and multidisciplinary work flow that lets you manage the entire construction process. Plexos Project; Lean Project Management lets you create excellent timetables to organize all the work and prepare budgets that you can store in the cloud.

If you're knee-deep in an engineering, architecture or construction project and you want to unify all the departments to bring the project together, Plexos Project; Lean Project Management is a great computer program that can help you get the job done.

Requires Windows XP or higher


The trial version is only functional for 30 days.